About Us

The Lava Tunnel is operated by Raufarhóll ehf. Shareholders include companies that have vast experience of working in tourism in Iceland. The aim of Raufarhóll is to protect the nature of Iceland so that future generations may enjoy it.

We are proud to have some of the most experienced guides and mountaineers in Iceland on our team and our team also includes an expert on safe travel. We make sure that every guide receives robust training before taking on the role of guiding you to the Lava Tunnel.

The CEO and co-owner is Hallgrímur “Halli” Kristinsson, one of Iceland’s most experienced mountaineers.

The Lava Tunnel (Raufarholl ehf)
Klettagardar 12
104 Reykjavík
Tel: +354 519 1616
Website: www.thelavatunnel.is
Information: info@thelavatunnel.is

Kt. (ID) 700516-1210
VAT no. 126272