The Lava Tunnel office Iceland

What to expect in the Lava Falls Tour

Our Lava Falls tour is for the adventure seeker and takes you all the way to the end of the tunnel where magnificent lava falls and other natural monuments await. It is truly an unforgettable experience to embark on the journey deep into The Lava Tunnel.  

It is by no means a physically extreme tour, but our guests need to be able to trek over a diverse and very rocky terrain for 3-4 hours. We will travel over big rocks and boulders so a good balance and good physical health is required. There are also few “rock piles” that we need to pass so be prepared to walk up and down small hills a few times.  That being said, the average traveler should be able to enjoy the exploration as long as he/she is in general good physical conditions, is dressed accordingly and has good footwear.

You will spend 3 – 4 hours in the cave, relying on the head torch only to navigate through this wonder-world underground, so we do not recommend this tour for those that may suffer from claustrophobia. Keep in mind that The Lava Tunnel reserves the right to deny a passenger with insufficient clothing and/or footwear on the tour so it is vital to read through our guide on what to wear in the Lava Falls Tour.

Lava falls tour Iceland

What do we provide

We provide the safety gear that is needed to enter The Lava Tunnel. This safety gear includes helmets, headlights, walking sticks, and special headlights. For visitors, we provide Petzl Reactic headlights, with 220 lumens and long-lasting battery life. These lights include a technology that automatically adjusts the brightness to maximize the battery life and the comfort of using them on long tours such as the Lava Falls tour. 

Our guides wear lights with similar technology and with added battery life for extra safety. The light is called Petzl NAO + and has 700 lumens and up to 15 hours of battery life. The light is highly sophisticated and since its energy is optimized and manipulations are reduced to a minimum, our guides can devote their full attention on the tour.

Entering The Lava Tunnel

What to do you have to wear

People tend to get warm while exploring the cave so we suggest that you bring a light middle layer, that you can easily take off and put in a backpack if it gets too warm to wear. Water can drip from the ceiling of the cave, so it is recommended to bringing a good waterproof shell jacket. Make sure it is light since you don’t want to get too warm. The tour is 3-4 hours and physical so you will get thirsty and probably hungry as well, so bring a backpack with water and snacks. 

But the most important gear that you have to wear are your hiking boots. They have to have ankle support since you will be trekking and maneuvering around boulders within the cave. We take safety very seriously at The Lava Tunnel and since normal running shoes, sneakers and moon boots do not support the ankle enough, we can not risk allowing you to enter deep into the cave wearing that kind of footwear. 

We have no specific brand recommendation for which shoes you should use, but here are a few suggestions that fit our requirements:

  • Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots
  • Asolo MAGNUM GV
  • Timberland 6 Inch Boot 
  • Mammut Nova III Mid GTX®
  • Scarpa Terra GTX

All of these shoes will support your ankle and allow for a comfortable experience on our Lava Falls Tour.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tour here and enter the unknown in Iceland.