South Iceland is filled with plenty of excellent restaurants. Many of these delicious eateries
highlight local Icelandic fare such as fresh vegetables, locally-raised meat and even hand-
foraged herbs. Have eating restrictions? Not to worry–most restaurants in Iceland cater to all
types of diets. What’s more, many of these fantastic restaurants are located close to some of
Iceland’s most exciting tourist attractions. Below you can find a list of our top 5 restaurants in
south Iceland.


Iceland is not only famous for its delicious fresh fish. The small but intensely flavorful
langoustine is also a top contender for best seafood in Iceland. Fjöruborðið is famous for its
delicious langoustine soup. In fact, the restaurant says that people will come from far and wide
in the worst of weather just to get a sip of this heartwarming soup.
Flavored with cream, tomato and the key ingredient of freshly caught langoustine, Fjöruborðið’s
langoustine soup is certainly not to be missed. Another popular offering is langoustine tails
sautéed in garlic butter, flavored with lemon and parsley and served with Icelandic potatoes,
salad and pickled cucumbers. Roast lamb and vegetarian options are also available.
Fjöruborðið is located in the small seaside village of Stokkseyri. This beautiful coastal town
offers lovely sea views and is a particularly charming place to watch the sunset. Visitors to
Stokkseyri can indulge in several fun activities such as kayaking down the Svartá River or taking
a horseback ride throughout the beautiful Icelandic countryside. It is also a very short drive from The Lava Tunnel, one of the longest lava tubes in Iceland. It’s an ideal place to have lunch before or after exploring this colourful cave system.

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Fjöruborðið is in a charming location right by the seaside.


Issi Fish & Chips

Iceland is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and filled with countless freshwater rivers. It comes
as no surprise that seafood is one of our country’s specialities. Issi Fish & Chips serves just
that–locally caught fish that is freshly fried and served with piping hot chips. This eatery is
housed in a simple, roadside stand. Inside, there is minimal standing room; however, you can
find a few picnic tables in the front.
Despite its small size, Issi Fish & Chips is said to have some of the best fried fish in all of
Iceland. The stand is located in Kefljavík, just minutes from the airport. Issi sources all of its fish
from the company Þorbjörn in Grindavík–just one town over from Kefljavík. Customers can also
buy soda, beer and even ice cream to round out their meal.
Due to its close location to the airport, Issi Fish & Chips is an excellent choice for a pre-flight
meal. It’s also located near the Blue Lagoon and the recent volcanic eruption site near Litli-
Hrutur. If you love freshly fried fish and chips, we highly recommend a visit to Issi.



Friðheimar Tomato Greenhouse

While Iceland is well-known for seafood and local lamb, vegetables are another matter.
Potatoes, kale and carrots thrive during a short growing season; however, many other
vegetables cannot survive in our unique landscape. As a result, Icelanders have harnessed the
abundance of geothermal energy to power a myriad of greenhouses across the country. That’s
where Friðheimar Tomato Greenhouse comes in.
This delightful spot is not only a working tomato greenhouse but also a tasty restaurant. Diners
eat directly besides rows of bountiful tomato plants. Friðheimar is most well-known for its
delicious tomato soup which is served on a buffet. Enjoy endless bowls of fresh soup made with
tomatoes from the Friðheimar greenhouse. You can enjoy your soup with freshly baked bread,
fresh butter, sour cream and cucumber salsa.
Friðheimar also offers a variety of other dishes including pasta with fresh tomato sauce,
mussels cooked in a tomato broth and a tortilla pizza featuring fresh Friðheimar tomatoes.
Friðheimar is located in the small town of Reykholt which is just minutes from the famous
Golden Circle. Enjoy a self-drive tour of the famous Geysir, Þingvellir National Park and Gullfoss
Waterfall just before or after a visit to Friðheimar Tomato Greenhouse.

It’s a nice experience to dine in a greenhouse surrounded by tomato plants.



The Westman Islands are located just minutes from Iceland’s south coast. These beautiful
islands are home to a variety of interesting museums, hiking trails and cultural sites. Visitors can
even visit a puffin observatory and get an up close look at these cute creatures. The main island
Heimaey is just 13.4 square km (5.2 sq mi); however, it is home to some excellent restaurants
including the delightful Slippurinn.
Slippurinn prides itself on a for passion sustainability and the environment. To align with these
values, they aim to source as many ingredients as possible from local fishermen and farmers.
What’s more, Slippurinn chefs regularly forage for edible plants and seaweed while also
maintaining a kitchen garden.
Diners can choose from a variety of dishes including fresh sea urchin, arctic thyme cured
halibut, Icelandic lamb and lemon sole. The customer experience is very carefully
considered–when you leave, you will feel both inspiration and deep contentment. Please do
note that Slippurinn is only open from May to September.


Moss Restaurant

Moss Restaurant is one of Iceland’s premier gourmet restaurants. In fact, it is one of the few
dining establishments in Iceland to have been awarded a coveted Michelin star. Moss is located
just beside the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal pool. Guests can enjoy views of moss-covered
lava fields as they dine on fresh caught arctic char, locally-raised lamb and recently harvested
Icelandic potatoes.
Guests can choose from various set menus which change regularly with the seasons. Moss
highlights Icelandic ingredients and draws inspiration from our country’s unique natural
landscape. As you eat, you will unearth a better understanding of Iceland itself. Service is top
notch, and there is a fully stocked wine cellar to compliment the chef’s offerings.
We highly recommend a trip to Moss after a refreshing soak in the Blue Lagoon. Or perhaps you
would prefer to visit Moss after an adventure in the nearby Lava Tunnel. This unique
underground lava tube was created after a mighty eruption thousands of years ago. Work up an
appetite exploring underground; then, drive along a scenic coastal route to reach Moss


A lunch or dinner at Moss is a world class dining experience.